Geospatial Intelligence & Urban-Rural Computing

We create solutions that can help the world to respond to the greatest challenges of our times, blending deep-tech, geospatial data and proprietary software to create innovative applications for Smart Cities, Smart Regions, Natural resources Management or Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Management thanks to our Earth’s Digital Twin: HAToM Platform and HAToM Ecosystem. We are living in a Golden Era of the Earth Observation. Blending technologies and geospatial data-driven solutions, enhance their value for giving faster responses to help get more efficient results for better decision making.

Geospatial data-driven Solution

HAToM Ecosystem -Platform, Web app and Mobile app, Mixed Reality Tools- can be used as a Smart Tool for public or private institutions to manage their Big Data and extract and analyse all the information to take efficient decisions. HAToM is an All-in-one platform, it can centralize data from multiple sources and multiple external platforms in one and process it. This simplifies the use of the data, its visualization and interpretation in a simple way with no high-tech knowledge. The Earth Digital Twin users can visualize real time data and multiple layers of data simultaneously, from different data sources and external platforms.

Consulting, Advisory and R&+I

We offer consulting and advisory services in geospatial intelligence projects, smart cities, natural resources and disaster risk reduction managements tools, Intelligence Tourism and in general, any project related to geospatial data. HAToM platform and all the elements of the HAToM Ecosystem can be used as a R&D+I platform to enhance the Earth Observation (EO) technology applications, applying Geospatial Intelligence and Urban-Rural computing. We have R&D+I agreements with technological partners and research institutes to help our customers to adapt our products to their needs. Let us know what you need and we will collaborate with your entity to create new applications for HAToM Ecosystem or your own Smart Tool.